A Second Look at the Spun Glass Sphere Chandelier

Flipping through my Mom's Better Homes and Gardens I came across this sweet bathroom. I loved the serenity of it but what truly caught my attention was the lighting fixture.


Of course I went on the hunt to find the source, Shades of Light along with specifics. While doing this I learned a great lesson. The photo of the Spun Glass Sphere Chandelier on their website did not represent what I loved from the lighting in the room. It didn't have the same crisp bulb or light weight feeling which is what I was drawn to in the first place. Now I know there are stylist and lighting tricks for photo shoots but I think you get what I am saying!


If I had first come across the website photo I am not sure I would have taken a second look. So the lesson learned is to Google the heck out of any product you might see and are not quite sure you like. Find magazine or blog photos and get a second look, you might just fall in love like I have!


Lydia said...

I agree with your sentiments! Though, I love the concept of the chandelier I almost wish the cluster were less symmetrical. More visual appeal as I look up from the tub is always a plus:-)

Leah said...

Love that light fixture so fun to have different than the norm!

_ffyona said...

You're so right. That light fixture caught my attention too. I haven't quite have the time lately for home inspirations and i am definitely enjoying yours!

Art Wall Katie said...

So true. I loved visiting the Parker hotel in Palm Springs but it was hard for it to live up to its beautifully styled photos. Every little pillow that wasn't fluffed didn't quite look right because of my skewed perception of what the hotel was "supposed" to be like. I had to take a step back and remind myself that nothing looks as good as it does "in the magazines."

Sarah Klassen said...

Nice find! What an elegant, cool and chic light fixture this is...not to mention that the whole bathroom is pretty -- that tub is so luxurious :)