After the Design Deli

We had a wonderful turnout at the Design Deli event on Thursday night! People arrived with fantastic questions and it felt great to answer them... though 5 free mins flew by. Some frequent questions that came to my table were regarding decluttering/organizing and one of my favorite how do I layout my studio apartment! We also had a very special guest from a radio station which I am not sure I can reveal just yet. Now I can't wait for the word to spread and for the next Design Deli!

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As the numbers were called, our guests took a seat and we got to work!

The Chroma Lab Folks answering a well prepared guest with his color dilemmas

A Design Deli Guest who hopped straight down the table with her landscape, interior and paint questions!!

My great friend Melissa "Supporting her local creative," Jace Interiors and indulging in some Grand purchases!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our event and to Chroma Lab, Ground and Grand the Store for being such fantastic partners!

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Diana Strinati Baur said...

This is fabulous, and you are adorable. What an unbelievable cool, current, practical idea. I just love the approach, making design un-intimidating, useful. SMART!!!