Wishing Upon a Star for 2010

With the start of a New Year and new decade (gasp where does the time go...!) we are presented with the opportunity to start over. We can leave the struggles from the past year in the recycle bin and just carry forward the good memories. It's that one time of year where everyone seems to be much more hopeful in the unknown of whats to come! So here I wish upon a few paper stars in the hopes that this year is filled with:

good health for my family, many more creative & inspiring days, supportive people to collaborate with, the opportunity to meet new blogging/twitter friends in person and spending quality time with the friends I have here in Boston. Most of all to continue to bring you the best most affordable products and rooms I can find. If I inspire you, you inspire me!

2009 was a great year of growth for both Jace Interiors and CreateGirl and I am incredibly excited to see what 2010 has in store. Let the possibilities become my reality! What is your one creative goal or hope for yourself this year??

Enjoy & thanks again for being such great friends, collaborators and readers

(image from one of my favorite place for inspiration - frolic)


tara - scoutie girl said...

Happy New Year to you! Here's to hoping your dreams come true in 2010!

JP said...

Happy New Year to you, too! You are so inspiring, and I hope you find everything you're looking for in 2010!


::levina:: said...

happy new year! wishing you tons of more success for 2010 and beyond ^_^.

Arianna Belle said...

Hope you have a fabulous New Years and all your wishes come true in 2010! :)

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Such beautiful words Julie! I'm so fortunate to be able to call you a friend! I can't wait to watch as you continue to grow as a person, designer, and blogger!

My own goal for the new year, start my own design business just as you've done!


Happy New Year!

joanna of simple blueprint said...

happy 2010! one of my goals is to take sbp to the next level! lets make possibilities reality this year!

thank you for inspiring! Joanna

annelise said...

Happy New Year!

This year, I'm going to try to edit my wardrobe, sew like a banshee and tailor my personal style.

Jessica Nichols said...

Happy New Year Julie! Your blog and Twitter feed are always a delight and I'm so glad we met in BYW. My creative goal is not to give up on my photography dreams.

Maria Killam said...

I'm sure your blog contributed to that great year!
Thanks for your comment today :)

Creategirl said...

thank you ladies for the well wishes and sharing all of your goals! Crystal, Joanna, Jessica & Annelise best of luck with your creative goals this year! Please share (tweet/comment) as your goals progress I would love to hear about your success! xo