Home Typography Tuesday

With the craziness of Thanksgiving travel, cooking, family visits and impending Black Friday shopping I thought we needed a weee bit of "Peace". This space is just so serene that you almost don't see the typography but when you look closely you get the message. I love where the word is placed, the fact that it is tone on tone and how it welcomes you into the next room! Pure perfection!


I had to add just one more image of this room because I am in love with that sweet tufted settee which is the perfect size for the end of that bed! After my trip to NYC, Katy Elliott and I are always swapping sofa photos. This one could become a front runner! 

(images via sfgirlbybay and light location)


katy elliott said...

wow love this one! I see that shape a lot at thrift stores. I'm thinking anything can be reupholstered to have tufting, right?

Sarah Klassen said...

so beautiful, so simple. sometimes, just a little is just enough. thanks for sharing these, Julieann :)