Monday Morning Happy!

Good Morning Friends, thanks for stopping by! How was your weekend? Fill me in on what you did!

Vog and I had a little date night Saturday over at the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston. Since a young girl it has always been one of my favorite places in the city but now with the new "Art of the Americas" wing it takes the top spot! They spent  $500 million on the wing which includes 4 floors and 53 new galleries. I am not sure I have adequate adjectives to describe the look of this new building...striking, glorious, breath taking,  sophisticated, welcoming these don't seem to do the space justice. The best way to convey my feelings is with a video created by the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Grab your coffee and take a minute to view it, I promise it will start your Monday off in a inspiring way!

Edward Hopper is one of my favorite artists, his work always encourages me to daydream!


I was so excited to see the amount of furniture and fashion in the new wing. In certain galleries they created a true representation of each era by pairing furniture with the art work. It gave me a true sense of the time period! To see even more photos jump over to Facebook and check out my MFA photo album.

Do you ever go to an event or a museum and leave feeling even more creative? This is exactly how I felt over the weekend! It was so wonderful. Next week I will share pictures of the amazing Richard Avedon exhibit, his fashion photography changed the look of magazines!


Zoe @ A Quick Study said...

That love seat is amazing! The Philadelphia Art Museum has a ton of great furniture as well - they also have full room set ups with more of an architectural focus. Thanks for reminding me to get myself over there again -it's been awhile and I totally agree that I always leave inspired!

Caitlin said...

Hi Julie, I hope you had a lovely weekend and that it's not too chilly on the East Coast. These photos of the museum are so inspiring - there is nothing like a date at the museum to get you inspired.

Sarah Klassen said...

Julie, these pieces are beautiful!

I'm glad you had a wonderful time and a lovely weekend. I feel the same way about this gallery shop—the owners bring in architectural pieces, furniture and wonderful objects—all antiques. I love going there and discussing new ideas and how they are going to re-work certain pieces. So much fun.

Have a wonderful start to the new week, xo