Home Typography Tuesday

This "Home Type Tuesday" is a calming space for all those summer guests you might be having. In Boston we have many homes with exposed brick or jarring concrete walls, it looks as though this designer took a few gallons of white and covered them all! I have to say I like the look and even love the white on white lettering, it makes a great impact without hitting you over the head with type! Invite me, I would be happy to be a guest in this room!

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This photo is perfect for Ms. Amy as she is covering her cottage house floors in a glossy white! Check out her progress here!

(image from Desire to Inspire & photographer Jason Loucas)


ABC Dragoo said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks for the link love my friend ~ you m'dear are the best!

Remember when I told you about how the ex owner of the house assured me that my painters couldn't match the Artisan installed plaster work? Well, they did. I am *so* relieved. The last thing in the reno budget is hiring a fancy brooklyn *artisan* to come up to the country to do plaster work!

You're the best.
Thanks for the blog love.

paislea said...

i love that 'be my guest' at the top! so cute!


Erika Ward said...

is that where I would sleep when i come to visit? how lovely! i would definitely feel right at home. such a sweet gesture.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

That is adorable!!!

Thanks for the Twitter follow- I am going to add you to my Boston blogroll on my blog! :)

Creategirl said...

Thanks ladies for the comment, there is nothing better than a great guest room!
YES Erika this might not be the exact look of the guest room but you have an open invitation any time you need to escape : )

Tori said...

Love the typography and the clean, relaxing feel of this room. Gorgeous!