Monday Morning Happy

Morning All!
How was your weekend? Hopefully you had time to relax and nurture your creativity.

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My weekend was fantastic a nice mix of work and fun. If you follow me over on twitter you know I was just hired by a wonderful couple to work on their new beach cottage. I am so excited because my inspiration folder is overflowing with cottage ideas! The space is filled with lots of warm knotty pine wood which the homeowner loves and not one stick of furniture. We are working on a very tight deadline so most of the items I am scouting for are stocked items! As the days go by I will keep you all in the loop of what I find!

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Align CenterAs if a new client is not enough to jump up and down about I won a blog contest! Yes me the girl who never has luck with even a Bingo game! The very sweet Lakeitha of the blog "Home to Three Duncan Boys" ran a contest to win a Canadian House and Home online magazine subscription. Anyone who really knows me can tell you my favorite gift in the world is a magazine subscription (it keeps giving for an entire year!!) so this was just perfect! Thanks Lakeitha, you made my Monday!

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Another very special occasion was my Dad and Brothers Birthday on Saturday. Not only do they share the exact same name, they share the same birthday...just a few years apart! We all enjoyed a rip roaring dinner full of great stories, laughs and yummy food! What a weekend!

Enjoy the new week

(images from Jace Interiors and Home to Three Duncan Boys)


Jessica @ Decor Adventures said...

Exciting project! And I'm jealous of your mag subscription. I should pick one up soon, I live right over the border in NY.

Emily said...

Congrats on your win and the new client! So very exciting and I can't wait to see how it comes along.

Sarah Klassen said...

So fun! Hope they had a wonderful birthday...

Hope you had a great weekend—thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes :)


Creategirl said...

thanks ladies for the sweet Monday comments! Have a great week!

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

You're welcome! Congrats on getting the beach cottage gig! I can't wait to see the progress;-)

I'm your newest follower!