A Fashionable Fire Hose

Browsing the magazine aisle yesterday I came across this Vogue cover and it stopped me straight in my tracks! To be honest most covers blend right into the next but not this one. It is stunning. Perfectly clean, crisp and elegant. I will even say, fresh!! The tone of green they have chosen quietly yells spring!

Take a close look at her red belt. Fashionable? YES. Unique? YES. Green? YES!! It is a recycled fire hose, scrubbed down of all soot and made into a slim, beautiful belt. I love this idea! Natural Collection, a UK company collected hoses from London firehouses and 50% of the profits from the belts go back to the LFB Benevolent Fund. Even better. There is one special firefighter in my family....not sure if he will like the picture of Cameron Diaz or the idea of a fire hose belt better. Though I think I might know the answer!

(images from justjared and natural collection)

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