Just a little Oldies

Forgive my bad photography but I wanted to show you a few pictures of a little scouting trip we took. Oldies sometimes referred to as the "Big Red Barn" is a gem of a place in downtown Newburyport, MA. It is open year round and has amazing pieces from furniture, to glassware to fun vintage signs and trinkets. Years ago I purchased a fantastic slipper chair from Oldies for only $90! I absolutely love it! There were 2 and at the time I only had room for one but now I wish I had purchased both. Has that ever happened to you? Years later you are still thinking of what you should have purchased when you had the opportunity? Below are a few of my other fun finds from the Red Barn.

I wish I had a better picture to show you of this chair. It has great lines and is actually very comfy!

My "Oldies" chair before reupholstering. $90, what a bargain!

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