How To Thursday - Painted Wallpaper & Wall Flats

It's Thursday which means another "How to Thursday" post!! This is a "How To" personal dilemma. How to create interest in a room without using just a flat paint or the usual wall decor, decals, shelf etc. For months now I have been going back and forth on painting my bedroom, for some reason I just can't commit. Then I came across this idea of painted wallpaper. There is something about painted wallpaper which intrigues me. It could be the embossed quality, texture or the idea I can use any color in the paint deck. I am almost sold on the idea of taking the large solid wall in my bedroom and just wallpapering the center of it. A thick 3' flat painted border around the paper would act like a frame. In my mind I can see it and like the affect. It would add texture and dimension to this one wall drawing you into the room. This type of paper would also be a great solution to the question, "How do I add texture to a front hall or small pantry nook". An area which might not be large enough for wall decor. Let's look at a few options shall we?

The photo above is a fantastic way to get that tin ceiling look, like those found in older New England homes. Any of these patterns would help even out the surface of a horse hair wall also found in older homes. If only I had this as an option in my first hair walls can make for bare walls especially when a picture hook falls right to the floor!

Another option are these wall flats above from Inhabit. They are available in 18" x 18" flats. I would alternate them vertical and horizontal as I hang them. It's nice to have options!

What are your thoughts on painted wallpaper and wall flats? Where would you use it in your own home?

(images from Graham & Brown and inhabit)


fresh365 said...

These are really great. I would absolutly add them to a room. Very fun!

Maureen Stevens said...

great idea!don't know why I've never come across these stuff, thanks for sharing!