Room and Board Fits with Fitz

We interrupt this work day with breaking news...I finally found a piece of furniture for MYSELF!! To some this might not be big news but for me it is huge! As a designer I look at hundreds of items a day and can make quick gut decisions if something will work for a project or not but when it comes to my own home's not so quick. Remember my 6 month sofa dilemma?! Oy vey! So today as I was scouting I came across this beauty and knew without a question it would be perfect as my bedside table!! Yipppe YAY! The hubby will be so happy my magazines/books with have a home (i.e. no longer in a pile on the floor...) and I will be smiling everytime I walk in and see this beautiful piece of furniture!


Room and Board's Fitz Magazine Table available in both Solid Cherry and Solid Walnut

As if I needed another selling point, I am happy to say it is made locally in Vermont!


Do you have a piece of furniture in your house that you were 100% sure of at first sight?

(images from Room and Board)



Love the clean lines of that table...sometimes I forget about Room and Board.

Childrens Curtains said...

This post is just a tremendously nicely structured piece. Awesome things you have here. Best of luck!