Beach Bungalow Daydreaming

School is officially out this week and with the kids on vacation all I can think about is a little beach bungalow to escape to! Well that sounded bad, I mean a bungalow we could ALL escape to! This Tim Clarke designed house does just the trick. Small enough to be cozy (and not take too much maintenance) but open enough to pull the beach in!

Dreaming of a welcome home!

This is the master bedroom sitting nook! Who wouldn't want to be wrapped in sunny windows while reading a book? The roman shade pattern is perfect as it doesn't take anything away from the view but adds just a bit of interest to the space.

The mix of wicker chairs and wood settee creates a casual feel to the dining room.

Hello horizontal cabana stripes, I love you!

So what do you say, want to join me at the beach?


Jessica Ryan said...

I'll join you at the beach! Can I bring a cocktail?!

Anonymous said...

We still have two weeks to go b4 holidays. Your pics make me dream and wish they were here now!. G . X

Anonymous said...

Could my favorite interior decorator take the nook and work
it into my sunroom. I would love it...