Home Typography Tuesday - Numbered Baskets

Welcome to another Home Type Tuesday where we show our love for home decor and typography!
The easiest way to get organized? Baskets! The easiest way to take them to a designers level? Paint fun numbers on them! When I came across this photo over on Emily's blog I knew it would be the perfect inspiration for all of us who love organized chaos and live with neat freaks...uhhumm yes I am talking to the hubby, thankfully he is patient with me!

Arch Digest Hank Azaria Playroom
If this was our playroom the designer in me would label each basket with the year each person was born and maybe the day. Each family member would than get 2 baskets. Mine would be 28 and 72! 
Fun right?

How does Typography keep your house organized?

(image via Architectural Digest)

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