Decorating With A Slanted Ceiling

Many houses in New England are what we call "Cape Cod" style which means the second floor rooms have slanted ceilings. Clients very often call me with the question "how do we paint/wallpaper this type of room?" Below are a few images that answer this question!

AD Michael S Smith
Add beadboard to create interest on the non slope part of the walls

Choose one wall as your focal point (this is usually the largest straight wall) and paint with an accent color.

Wallpaper all the "straight" walls of the room, anything on a slope is painted.

Draw you eye down to the furniture by painting the lower half of the room. Again the straight walls are all painted, anything sloped or slanted acts like a ceiling and is painted that color.

The last option is to paint the walls and ceiling a neutral color and place the focus on the furniture and bedding in the room!

I hope this has helped your slanted/sloped ceiling dilemma!


An Urban Cottage said...

Love the gray and white chevron in the last photo.

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

My home was built in 1927 and it has slants in all of the upstairs rooms. I just love them. There is a coziness feel. The room I work in ..... in which we call MY office has a lovely little nook for me to work in. I think it's a little security thing for me.

Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

I have this challenge in my apartment -- I've tried the accent wall idea in my bedroom, it really helps: