Real Setting - IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

When I came across this incredible Mary Jo Bochner designed kitchen I knew I had to share it. The chandelier and etageres alone are post worthy! Though today the focus is on the affordability of this space....ready for it? The base cabinets are actually from IKEA! Yes we all hear about IKEA cabinets and some might turn their nose up at them but when you are on a budget and than see it in this setting I say way to go!

Above is the simple IKEA Akrum base cabinets. Add interesting hardware and enclose the legs with a sleek base and you are all set!

Would you use IKEA cabinets in your kitchen?


courtney {splendid actually} said...

I definitely would! I'm the type of person that loves changing things up so I wouldn't feel nearly as guilty changing my kitchen (or bathroom) cabinets since they are budget friendly. And you're absolutely right, adding unique hardware and the baseboard you use throughout your home really make them more personalized.

Pure Living* Interiors said...

Defintely yes! From time to time I do include Ikea kitchen cabinets in projects, I'm hired as an interior designer, for. The question ist why not? I think it's a great and affordable base, which you perfectly can enhance and highlight with great accessories like this unbelievable nice etageres. The image above shows who beautiful it can look.
Should try to find out, who the chandelier and the etageres are by ...
Thanks for the share!
Lysann x

Ordinette said...

I just dedicated a post to Ikea furniture. I love it. have a nice day!

Creategirl said...

Thanks for the comments! Lysann click on the HB link at the bottom and it will bring you to the page. I believe there was info on both pieces there!