Miromar Lakes Beach Club - Wedding Reception

When people asked us where the wedding would be and I said Florida they automatically assumed I had a connection there. If you had asked me last year if I would be married in Florida I would have said no way! Than we decided to get married in April and if you have ever been to Boston you know how unpredictable the weather is..one day a blizzard the next a heat wave! So I started searching for locations. I knew immediately what I didn't want..... no banquet rooms, gold chairs or country clubs. I wanted a warm place with interesting details (as if this interior designer would ask for anything less!) and if possible felt like a home. I searched wedding photographer sites because I knew I would get a true sense of a space from their images and there it was... Miromar Lakes Beach and Golf Club. It was absolutely STUNNING and I was instantly in love.

When you enter the property you are greeted by a large iron gate and a larger than life water fountain! It is unreal and nothing I would have ever found in New England!

This is the "foyer" of the dining room. You can tell every inch of this space was taken into consideration by the designers which of course made me ooh and ahh at every turn!

Miromar Lakes Beach Club Jace Interiors
Here is the main entrance to the beach club, the gardens are so perfectly manicured!

Miromar Lakes Beach Club Jace Interiors
Thankfully no one ended up in the pool or the lake at the end of the night! The round structure is the outdoor bar where the cocktails were served!

The lighting selection in the space was beautiful. Every chandelier and sconce fit perfectly with the style of the rooms! Look at the hardwood floors? Incredible

Miromar Lakes Beach Club Jace Interiors
When I walked in for the first visit and saw this room I squealed with joy! The large windows, and the light, airy, intimate atmosphere of the room made me feel like I was in someone's dining room...a rather large dining room! Right then we decided the theme of the wedding would be "casual elegance"!

The teal upholstered banquettes were such a nice touch and definitely gave the space a warm feeling!

Miromar Lakes Beach Club Jace Interiors
We joked the only word Jessica and her staff at Miromar knew was YES! Every question we asked was replied with an "of course and absolutely we can do that"! They made us feel so welcomed which made the day even more special.

I know I am gushing but I fell in love with this place and knew it would be an integral part of having a family style wedding! We danced before and after dinner, it truly felt like we were having an intimate  dinner in someone's mansion! 

To see more pictures of Miromar Lakes visit their website, I promise you will fall in love too! Now to plan our next stay down there!

(images property of Jace Interiors, photographer Luminaire Foto)


Missy said...

Stunning bride and a gorgeous location for a magical night! Thank you for sharing your private moments with us!

Unknown said...

The hall with the golden drop chandelier is beautiful and the glass furniture is really outstanding in the middle of that classic architecture. Very nice touch.