#Brimfield Recap

As you might remember I wrote about the items I planned to "hunt" for in the fields of Brimfield. Sadly I did not come home with any of the pieces but I did come back with a few little gems! This year was a bit strange as it seemed like many of the dealers were either scared off by the rain or sold out early. I was surprised by the number of empty lots. Rain definitely didn't scare me away, below are the few items I fell in love with and a few I brought home!

Brimfield Typewriters Jace Int

Brimfield Twin Bed Jace Int
I could imagine this going in a little girls room! The color was warm and not overly bright!

Brimfield Iron Bench Jace Int
Every year I come home regretting I didn't buy a certain piece and this was it! This bench was just darling!

Brimfield Trend Jace Int
Everywhere I turned these curved arm chairs kept popping up! Is it our next chair trend?

Brimfield Ruler Jace Int
Part of Brimfield is reminiscing about the past and these folded rulers brought me right back to my Dad and Gramps workshop! When I was little I LOVED playing with them, inevitably cinching my finger! I was also drawn to the color combo of painted turquoise and the rich walnut finish!

Brimfield Tweet Up Jace Int
After 5 hours of walking the fields it was time to relax in the fabulous #Brimfield tweet up tent!

Yes that is a bar which was a welcome site after a long day! Gretchen and Cynthia outdid themselves this year!

Ladies at Brimfield Jace Int
Of course the best part of having Brimfield so close by is catching up with Design Friends! It was so great to see Raina, Elizabeth and Michelle!

Brimfield Tweet Up Jace Int2
The fabulous Gretchen Aubuchon of Fashion + Decor truly knows how to throw a party!

Last but not least what I brought home! The end of our driveway doesn't seem to want to grow grass so I plan to spread mulch but I also wanted to give it a bit of height. This iron planter was a steal and so pretty! I can't wait to fill it with flowers, it will surely be a sweet welcome home everyday!

Brimfield Travel Clocks Jace Int
I have a weakness for travel alarm clocks so when I stumbled upon these I quickly snapped them up! It takes me back to a time when travel was so luxurious!

Have you been to Brimfield? What are some of your favorite finds?

(all images from jace interiors please credit)


Upscale Downhome said...

Love your Brimfield finds. I've always wanted to go but am from Wisconsin so it will take some planning...someday!

Karen said...

I agree, it seemed a little picked over quite early this year (I went Friday). I never end up buying what I go into it looking for, but I found a few fun finds this year: http://yearofserendipity.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/treasure-hunting-brimfield/

KT said...

I'm in Massachusetts, yet have never been to Brimfield. I consider myself a novice antiquer (is that a word?), so I'm thinking it might be a bit too much for me!

Creategirl said...

thanks for the comments! KT you should absolutely go, it can be overwhelming but start with just a few fields. Mays and the NE Motel fields are always an easy way to begin. Between the 2 that will be a few hours!

Unknown said...

Darn.. I wanted an iron planter just like that but lost energy to go back for it! So glad you got it!! :) Great finds!