The Wedding Photographer - Luminaire Foto

For the next 3 weeks on Thursday I will be sharing information about the wedding and all that went into it. Why we chose our photographers, the gorgeous wedding venue, the dress & bridesmaids dresses plus color combination and lastly all the small details which were so important to us! Below is just a sampling of those items! Today we start with photographers.

Our photographers at Luminaire Foto were AMAZING! As soon as we meet Karl & Nanette we knew they were going to be the perfect match for us! I wanted a team with a more journalistic approach and Mr. Vog's request was "he didn't want to see them"! Which would seem like a funny thing to request but you know we have all been at weddings where the photographer is in everyone's face and we definitely didn't want that! This duo acted more like friends who were excited to celebrate with us! They were always smiling, relaxed and even though we knew they were eager to get "that" perfect shot they never made us feel it!  In turn their professional but casual attitude made us super relaxed and we actually had fun while taking the pictures!

A quiet moment before the dancing begins!

During this 3 week series I will upload the images to the Jace Interiors Facebook page with additional vendor info!

Next week I will share photos of the STUNNING reception venue and how from Boston I found it in Florida...a good story in itself!

(images property of Jace Interiors please ask permission before using. Photographer Luminaire Foto)


ALR said...

Gorgeous photos! I remember seeing your ring last year in NYC, I thought it was beautiful. Thank you for sharing the details about your special day!
Amy R.
{plain & fancy living}

Nanette said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Julie! We absolutely enjoyed ourselves while photographing every last detail.

cosplay costumes said...

What a great post!Thanks for sharing it!Love the wedding dress!

Creategirl said...

Thank you SO much for the comments! It was a beautiful day and fun to relive through the photos!