My Brimfield Scouting List

It's that time of year again! Tomorrow is the Spring Brimfield Antique Market and as you might remember in the past, I get just a weee bit excited! Thanks to Pinterest I have been saving inspiration photos as I come across them. The number one thing to remember when going to Brimfield is to be prepared! Know your dimensions, have a list of items you are scouting for and know how much you will pay for them. There is a lot to see and it's super easy to get distracted! Below are just a few things on my scouting list for tomorrow!

I adore these wicker chairs and hope to find a few just like them to paint a deep navy!

We are in desperate need for extra seating in our family room so I will be on the hunt for an ottoman. My dimensions are definitely smaller than the bench above but the simple fabric and nailheads are a good inspiration!

Check back in next week as I share my finds or follow me tomorrow on Twitter as I tweet pics of items I buy and those I pass by! Are you going to Brimfield? What is on your scout list?

(image from BHG Carrie Miller, second image via Pinterest if you know the original source pls let me know - update the 2nd picture is from Janell of House of Fifty Mag!)


Kerry said...

The second photo is from Janell's home -

Unknown said...

I wish I could go! I will have to live through you. Take lots of pics and have a wonderful time.

Barbara Elza Hirsch said...

These are excellent tips and I love your selections :-)