Monday Morning Happy

Morning Friends! How was your weekend? Did all of the Mom's have a great Mother's Day?
The sun was finally out over the weekend so we spent every possible moment outdoors enjoying the perfect weather. The days were filled with yard work, walks, baseball, family lunch with Mom and lounging on the chaise catching up on magazines! My favorite part of the weekend? Receiving our professional wedding pictures, all 979 of them! We had the BEST photographers and I can't wait to tell you more about them later this week! Here is just a little tease to get things started!

A quiet moment before the festivities begin!

We have delayed our Italian honeymoon to later on this year but this weekend we started our research. Le Sirenuse is a gorgeous hotel with an amazing restaurant which was recommended by my friend Mally. The images are just breathtaking!

(image from Luminaire Foto for Jace Interiors please only use with permission and  Le Sirenuse photography by Joy Zhang)


Erika said...

That photo is gorgeous! I can't wait to see more! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Positano! Possibly the most perfectly romantic place for a honeymoon on earth! We didn't stay at Le Sirenuse but I wish we had because it is lovely.

Creategirl said...

Thanks Erika! Oh mhatem I would love to hear about the places you visited and any recommendations!

LindsB said...

love love love the back of your dress- its stunning! I cant wait to see more!