My Brimfield List

One day I look forward to each year is the Spring Run of the Brimfield Antique Market here in Massachusetts. It is FILLED with anything you could possible think of and things you might not even want to think of. It is like one big treasure hunt and I love every minute. Weeks before I walk around the apartment inspecting each room for things that are not quite working or something that needs a bit of a redo than list these items in hopes of finding them at Brimfield!

This year I have a nightstand, something to use as a file cabinet, a big bubble water pitcher, a piece of authentic fiesta ware for a newly engaged lady and of course my favorite; table linens for me and Mom!! Yes it is quite a list but I am so excited to see what I find! It's also the only morning of the year I gladly jump out of bed at 5am!

With all this Brimfield talk I thought I would post a few inspiration pictures. Even if you are not going to Brimfield these are great pieces to find in your own local flea markets.

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A Former mail slot is perfect for all the magazines...I might need 2!

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A shutter or old door can be turned into an impressive mirror.

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An old wicker side table can be given life with a bright new color!


Lydia said...

Here's my list:

*Plant stand
*bedside table
*Flame or suzani motif fabric for dining chairs
*Large glass vessel for felted rocks

My mother is on the hunt for a chandelier for our dining room.

We'll be there Thursday. You?

Null said...

BTW, the mystery poster was this lady! I've changed my profile a bit. . .

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I want to go!! Maybe I could drag my husband. If I don't make May I am totally going in July! Tell us what you find

Creategirl said...

Lydia! We will be there on Thursday just as Mays opens. DM me your number again and maybe we can meet for some lemonade! Are you looking for similar colors to the fabric you sent me the other day? I will keep my eyes open for you.

Stephanie, you should go it is an easy trip from Boston! Let me know if you go and what YOU find too!

Laura said...

So bummed I'm missing Brimfield this weekend, but I'll be out of town. Hopefully I can make it in July. Can't wait to see posts next week on what everyone finds!

katy elliott said...

An eagle convex mirror!

Caitlin said...

Wish I lived on the East Coast so that I could join all of you. I hope you find some amazing treasures!

Julie Q said...

Can't wait to see what you got!! Diary of a Yummy Mummy from Boston went there as well and posted so many cute items :)