My Brimfield Hits and Misses

Yesterday I was at Brimfield and it was one gorgeous day. As excited as I was all week I was a little disappointed with what I found, the pieces just were not there this year or maybe what I was looking for was just not there. Every year my game plan is to go with my list and stick to it. When I first see a piece the questions that go through my head are: can I use it for myself or a client project and how much work do I need to put into it to make it right for me again! This is what I found and fell in love with but didn't necessarily buy!

GORGEOUS chair & half! I loved everything about this except the $1000 tag

Very sweet bird cage and the color was dramatic, unfortunately I don't have space for it now

Fulfilling my type addiction, I mulled around this vendor for a while!

Can you believe it? House Beautiful from 1929. Interesting to read, some design questions are still the same all these years later! I had a great time leafing through his stack!

A simple chair in need of reupholstering but at $125 it was a great deal, though I left it for someone else to enjoy.

I have been in need of a small upholstered accent chair to fit in a corner of my Living Room.
This 1950's vanity chair is SO sweet and I can just imagine it reupholstered in a pure white with sharp black legs. There is a slight possibility this could still be mine..more details to come!

A fantastic bed for someone looking for a twin a new coat of a bright paint color and it would be glorious!

I adore old suitcases, they are so versatile in any room. This beautiful turquoise caught my eye and was in great condition!

In the end this was all I came home with. A new tablecloth that I absolutely LOVE and a bit of fiesta ware purchased for a gift.

In the end it was a wonderful day off of work spent with a great friend and a ton of sunshine. I also literally bumped into Katy Elliott who is just as sweet in person as she is over on twitter! Pop over to her blog for more Brimfield photos! Thanks for sharing in my Brimfield excursion, I hope you all find great pieces at your own Markets this year!

(images from Jace Interiors)


El said...

Glad you had fun. I'm with you on the top chairs but agree they are way over priced. It's good you made it through the traffic okay!

katy elliott said...

Damn I love that green chair! Cute. I had fun. I saw cool things but really things that worked for my house.

Nice to meet you! We should coordinate a boston day. I don't really know any good boston stores/sources.

Null said...

I saw that birdcage on wheels and loved it. I can imagine one fabulous patio party with birds and cage taking center stage.

Oh, and I loved the small upholstered chairs too. They popped as I walked past and I thought a worthwhile purchase. I hope they become yours!

Norbridge Antiques said...

I love those chairs.

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

I would have been in HEAVEN there! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! How much were the House Beautifuls? I think that is too cool! I would have loved to buy a copy!

_ffyona said...

Oh my, there are some great finds i see! I love that turquoise suitcase! Did you get it in the end? I can totally imagine carrying it for trips and feel cute. ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those old House Beautifuls.... you didn't buy any? Wish I had seen them!

Mrs. Limestone said...

How do you find the prices to be at Brimfield? I've never gone up b/c its a big trek and I'd need to rent a SUV to be able to bring anything back. I'm dying to go and see but unless the prices are really reasonable, its not worth the investment.