My wish for YOU

With 2011 ending I took a few minutes and scrolled through the entire year of CreateGirl posts and it was a wonderful walk down memory lane! Not only was I reminded of fun client projects I worked on and wonderful events I went to across the country but I was overwhelmed by the personal changes I went through! Thank you a MILLION times over for popping in here weekly and sharing these experiences with me. Your visits and comments inspire me, motivate me and constantly give me lots of love! I appreciate everyone of you! So with the year coming to a close these are the wishes I have for YOU in 2012

I wish for you, more time to enjoy your surroundings! Whether it is a quick walk through your city neighborhood or a hike through the country woods. Whatever gives you serenity and a quiet time out during the week day I wish you more of this.

 Instead of emailing may you remember to pick up the phone for a "hello call" or mail a quick note to those you love from the youngest to the oldest! I promise this will not only brighten their day but your day as well!

I wish for you that the place you work is an environment of passion and encouragement. May your surroundings be one of calmness and organization (and if it is not may you be able to create a little bit in your corner)!

Pinterest Botton of the Ironing Basket
May we ALL take more time for ourselves in the new year to nurture our own souls! Whether it is taking a hour to indulge in a good book, calm our minds with exercise or sneak in that 15 minute nap when it is needed! Isn't it funny when we take the time to do any of the above items the rest of our lives benefit from it?

I hope all of your wishes and dreams come true in the New Year!

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Sarah Klassen said...

Hello my friend,

I hope that you are having a wonderful week so far! Can you believe that tomorrow is New Year's Eve? I cannot! I love your post on the New Year—I feel encouraged to enjoy nature, reading again (and not online news!) and the little things... it has been wonderful sharing in a year of inspiration with you, and I look forward to 2012...

*Cheers* to new adventures, surprises and friendship :)


Tori said...

What a great post (and several great reminders). Wishing you a wonderful new year as well!