Monday Morning Happy

Well as you can see from the time of this post it's not exactly Monday morning but I still wanted to send out a hello and ask how your weekend was! Did you do any fun home projects over the last few days?

Just before watching the Super Bowl with the boys I had some down time to catch up on my magazines and at the very top of my pile was my brand new Living Etc! Remember how over the moon I was on my birthday weekend when I won the subscription contest over at Bright Bazaar? Well you can imagine how excited I was when the magazine actually arrived in the mail, the neighbors didn't actually come out of their house from my screams but the mailman did give me a strange glance. Doesn't everyone yell when they get a magazine in the mail? No? Well they should!


This image from Living Etc has been pinned up on my inspiration board all winter. It's to remind me there are some great things about these chilly, gray days...fireplaces and gorgeous bed covers!
Thank you Will and Living Etc for making my weekend just a weee bit brighter!

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Unknown said...

Gorgeous rooms! That purple quilt-y thing is stunning!