My Weekend of House Envy!

What an amazing weekend I just had!! It was a belated birthday celebration which started with tickets to see "WICKED" at the Boston Opera House. I have no words, this space is just incredible. In the last 10 years it was restored back to its original glory and let me just say as amazing as the show was I was enthralled by the details of this "house"! Walking out I said to Vog how lucky we are to live in a city with such rich history, they just can't afford to build places like this nowadays!

Inside the Boston Opera House! Can you believe the size of those chandeliers and marble columns? So glamorous! The combination of Italian and French styles is stunning!

Saturday was the epitome of the perfect New England Fall day so we decided to head out for a little adventure not really knowing where we would end up. Above is the mansion at Elm Bank, it was AMAZING. Most people would see a beaten down house but I saw it's potential and felt like I was thrown into a Pride and Prejudice novel. It was boarded up but peaking through the windows I could see fireplaces in every room, chevron floors and tin tiled ceilings. You know I wanted to win the lottery, move in and bring it back to it's glory days! Ahh a dream!


The mansion is situated with the Horticultural Society of Boston and the grounds were gorgeously manicured with so many flowers and plants! The "Goddess" Statues were brought to the property from their former home in downtown Boston. I can't really express how magnificent they were in person...they were HUGE!

Than if that was not enough interior design inspiration I came home to an email from the sweet Will of Bright Bazaar announcing I had won his blog contest! Well let me just say I was doing the happy girl dance all over the house!! Seriously people, I WON THE LIVING ETC MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION! For a girl that never wins anything and is a lover of magazines, this is the best type of win! Thanks Will & Living Etc, you made my birthday even more special!

To view more photos of my weekend click here!


Layers and Layers said...

Wish I had been with you on your road trip ... I see potential too ... Now if only I had the bank account to go with ... hahaha
And as far as winning Will's give a way ... couldnt happen to a nicer girl :) Enjoy!

Apt. #34 said...

Can you send the issues to me when you're done with them?!

Sarah M. Winchester said...

That house looks wonderful. I'll have to add it to my must see New England list.

LindsB said...

What a fantastic weekend! I've been dying to see Wicked too, what a great birthday celebration, and Happy Belated Birthday to you!!

Unknown said...

I love, love, love Boston and plan to go back there soon. Now, I have two more places to visit. Thank you! P.S. Congratulations! :)