Let's Talk - Kitchen Design and Interior Designer Chat

Last night on twitter I participated in the #IntDesignerChat tweetchat and the topic was kitchen design. A few trends came out of this conversation that I wanted to share with you today!

A trend in kitchen designs I just love is using decor items in the kitchen. How much warmer does a kitchen feel when there is artwork hanging and sconces in the space? 

A big topic had to do with the use of kitchen islands and whether to have a range in the island or not. This picture is a great example of a safe way to have a range in your island by using a two tiered counter top. This way little hands can stay on one side while you cook on the other!

Many designers on the chat tweeted in unison as the conversation turned to cabinets. Open shelves are preferred as are stacking cabinets! Two trends to watch in the next year!

What's you opinion on current kitchen trends? Do you like the look of open shelves? Do you hang artwork in your kitchen now? What about islands with ranges in them? I would love to hear your thoughts!
To participate in the next Interior Designer Chat pop onto twitter every Tuesday night at 6pm est and search #IntDesignerChat it is always a great conversation!

(images from Coastal Living J Savage Gibson, Sunset Thomas J Story Photographer, Southern Living)


Unknown said...

I love the idea of decor in the kitchen, and I don't mind open shelving as long as the shelves are neat :P

Beautiful Habitat said...

Those kitchens are each so lovely! I also like the look of open shelving. However, I live in a dry, windy area North of Denver, so dust can be a problem here. Glass doors are a great compromise!

katy elliott said...

I love the idea of decor in the kitchen but I would be cautious how precious the art is. Even if you have a vent above your stove things get gunked up if your a cook.

I'm nay on the range in the island. It feels too much like a kitchen show and unsafe for kids if you don't opt for the raised island front.

Open cabinets are great. But I like a mix. It's hard to have everything on display.

My newest obsession: double sinks. One in the island and maybe if you have room a sink next to the dishwasher tucked away. It would be great to entertain and slide the dishes to another space rather then leaving them on the island where everyone congregates. I hate feeling like my guests need to help me with the dishes.

Kitchen clearance said...

many homeowners demand to kitchen look as open shelves. I also like to decor my kitchen. Even I have decorated with wall stickers and arts.