My wishes for 2011

Good Morning Friends, Happy New Year! As we start off the first work week of 2011 I can not help but reflect on my post from the end of 2009. Below is the "Wishing Upon A Star" photo I included in my post, I loved it so much I printed it out and placed it right on the refrigerator. It was a symbol of all I wanted to accomplish in 2010 and guess what I can check every single thing off my list including meeting more blogger and twitter friends! Isn't the power of intention amazing?


This year the photo I have chosen to hang on the fridge door is this happy fly away girl which I found over at A Creamy Life. The entire image is just so optimistic! For me it will be a reminder to keep all my balloons organized and to take a leap as you never know where you will fly off to!


 My wishes for 2011
Personally I already know this is going to be a dream come true year for me and I am literally jumping out of my skin with excitement (more to come on this later in the month...)! My wish is to savor every single day moment of this time!

Continue to grow Jace Interiors with the main goal to bring affordable interior design assistance to everyone and let them know that no matter what size house or budget everyone deserves to have a beautiful space that reflects them! "Your Home Your Style My Assistance"

My social media life has taken on an amazing personality of its own and I have met so many amazingly creative people in the last year that I can't wait to see what this year brings! I have a feeling it will include more creative events,  speaking engagements on how Social Media can help grow your company and opportunities for Social Media Consulting!

I would love to be so focused  as to remember to do one thing a month outside of my comfort zone. This could be rock climbing, cooking a new dish, taking that Italian class or as big as calling that one mentor for advice!

What would you do to step outside your comfort zone?

I hope you all have a fabulous new week and new year!

(images from Frolic and A Creamy Life)


Unknown said...

Congrats on crossing everything off of your list!! Hope you are able to do the same for 2011!! Best wishes!!

Unknown said...

I remember that post with the star! I just love when intentions come to pass! Wishing you every good thing and intention in the coming year!

xoxo Mary Jo

Caitlin said...

Julie, your such an inspiration and I know that 2011 is going to bring you so much! You accomplished so much in 2010 and I have no doubt that you'll do even more in the year to come. Keep dreaming big!

xx, C

Anonymous said...

Julie! thanks for the mention! I feel that 2011 is going to be amazing for all of us! xo

Maggie Rose said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious! I am looking forward to 2011 being a wonderful year as well.

If your adventures bring you to Seattle, please let me know, as I'd love to get coffee and meet!

xo Maggie