Thank You Modern Bird Studios!

The always hilarious duo over at Modern Bird Studios asked me to participate in their Monthly Interior Designer Interview and I was so happy to accept!


I know you have always wanted to know the answer to questions like:
Why Interior Design?
If you could design a home for any celebrity, who would it be and why?
For regular folk, where is the best place to get home accessories?
Do you think the "tuck in and roll pants" pants will ever make a come back and how do you see them translated into home decor?
What is your best quick/inexpensive fix idea for someone to redo a room?
What are you must read blogs?


Please come over for a visit!! You would be doing me a huge favor as I don't want to be the guest who doesn't bring anything to the party!
Thanks a bunch Gregg and Megan for having me, these were fun questions to answer!


Megan of Modern Bird Studios said...

Thank you for being willing to participate!! You are a total sweetheart with great talent!!

Jessica Nichols said...

This interview was such a treat and I knew you were going to say navy before I even read your answer! I may be falling behind on my blog reading but I do know my blog friend's color preferences. =)

Creategirl said...

You know me so well Jessica! I am STILL loving the navy, such a classic!