Home Typography Tuesday!

Welcome to another Home Type Tuesday! This is just one of those subtle bits of Type that I love to see in home decor. I wish there was a straight on view of this piece as I am intrigued, is it a fashion painting? An ad that is blown up? Regardless it is fabulous as is the entire room!


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(Image from Greige via Anora Grey)


Caitlin said...

I want to sit on that fur blanket and read my never ending stack of magazines.

That painting looks interesting...I wonder what it is? I have no clue :)

Sarah Klassen said...

Great find! I love this art addition to the room. I feel like it really brings a sense of life and fun into the space, that perhaps might have been missing if it weren't there... on a side note, that mirror! I cannot get over it!

Hope you're having a wonderful week :)


Christina @ anora grey said...

Isn't this image just so glamorous! I just adore it. So glad you shared!