The Fabulous Sherrill Canet

Sometimes I view a designers portfolio and it just speaks volumes to me! This is what I have found with interior designer, Sherrill Canet. You can hear from this statement below she truly listens to her clients and creates timeless rooms for them! I love it!

"Her designs start with the architecture and develop based on the clients' interests and lifestyle. While offering a range of choices, the interiors are generally based on a clean, traditional style with distinctive objects and details."

As you can see in these photos the base of her designs start with a solid color or fabric which than lets the one or 2 strong patterns in the room really take center stage!

That wallpaper says it all and is just the right amount of pattern for this space!

Could this room be any calmer? I love the idea of sticking to a 2 color scheme!


As you can see the colors don't necessarily need to be a neutral to get this same look you can work with a bright green and throw some Zebra pattern in for that wow affect!

Hop over to Sherril's website, I am sure you will be just as inspired as I am!

(images from Sherrill Canet)


Michaela said...

Wow, you're right...her rooms are stunning!! I especially love the first family room with all that light. The dining room is awesome, too, with the contrast of the geometric table and more organic wallpaper. Thanks for sharing!

Amy Chalmers said...

I love the blue and white room, seems as it would be located on waterfront! Simple color palettes are calming.

Creategirl said...

thanks for the comments ladies! Amy I think I am resisting fall a bit because the blue and white room is my favorite too!

Verdigris Vie said...

you know I love the 2 colour scheme as well -and i think it works best with blues or greens.. but it takes major commitment..

this gallery is lovely ...


Unknown said...

I must agree with you. Actually, every single room you have featured fits with my lifestyle and taste. Very nice!

Dane said...

What a wonderful designer! I am in love with her colour palettes. So calm and welcoming.

Thanks so much for the link to her website - truely inspiring work!