Sex and the City 2 Affordable Furniture Alternates

Over the weekend I saw Sex and the City 2. The only thing better than sitting with my girlfriends in the theater would have been a remote with a pause button. There were so many times I wanted to rewind to take a closer look at a certain wallpaper, mirror or furniture! The next day I scoured the internet for any available info and came upon a fantastic interview at Stylelist with set designer Lydia Marks! AMAZING! Sadly I can not afford the steep price tag of $13,500 for a pair of chairs, so I did what all CreateGirls do... I went on the hunt for affordable options!


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Remember the Overstock Settee I blogged about here? I thought it would be a great stand in for Carrie's sofa. Reupholster it in this Kravet Fabric (not exactly the same Mohair but similar color) and tada perfect for your own living room!

Room and Board
The Audrey Chair from Room and Board is a great alternate if you are looking for the highback style.

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Mitchell Gold's Louisa Chair does not have a similar high back but does mirror the subtle wing back style, arms and t-cushion of Carrie's.

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If you want to fall into a bed like Carrie & Big's order up a few yards of Kravet Velvet Gate and upholster it to a custom headboard like this one!

There are a few more pieces I am scouting out affordable options for so check back in the next few weeks!
What was your favorite piece of furniture or accent from the movie?


Yelena said...

i loved this post.
i just saw SATC2 the other day too, and the decor (and the outfits of course) just blew my mind! it's so great to see alternatives that are so much cheaper than what was in the movie! :) you did an awesome job!:)

one sydney road said...

haven't seen SATC2 yet...but I've been loving the interior images I've been seeing!! I love how you gave great options - because who can afford $13000 on a couch?? Yikes!
p.s. thx for stopping by

deliciously organized said...

I wish there was a pause button too! Her apartment is stunning!

betty said...

Trying to find out the maker of the
low tv console in the living room
of satc 2
thanks -
ps ..can't even get a picture online

Sarah Klassen said...

Oooo, this is just killing me! I cannot see the movie—I have to wait. One of my friends has gone through a terrible death in the family and so we have all held off watching it together until all is right with her... but it's so hard! And reading this fabulous post about the decor is making it worse (though, I love the post + thank you!) Some lovely ideas here :)

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend,


jami @ i m a g i n e said...

Thank you for this post! I've been looking around for DIY headboards and now i need to look no further! Good stuff! xo - jami

Kaffeslabberas said...

Oooo that Audrey chair was gorgeous!