Scouting small kitchen settees

This week I am scouting for settees. We have a cozy nook in a kitchen next to a fireplace where we would love to place a comfy piece to read cookbooks or lounge on while enjoying a glass of wine. It needs to be smaller than 55" wide and deep enough that at least 1 adult and 1 child can fit on it comfortably. Any style will work as we will make it flow with the fabric choice and accent pillows!

I love this option from Overstock and the price is perfect but the high arms and 46"w is not ideal. Isn't it lovely though? I want to use it in a bedroom!

Pottery Barn Marcel Mini Sofa

Horchow Button Back Settee

Pinzon Torrington

Hudson Upholstered Settee - Ballard Designs

Which one is your favorite? Do you have a favorite settee?


Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Really cute option!!! My vote is for the Horchow Button Back Settee....but of course it all depends on what the style of the home is :)

Good luck!

Chroma Lab said...

I second Crystal, the button back is perfect.

Creategirl said...

thanks for the feedback! I think the tufted one is my favorite too!

Leyla said...

The Overstock option is so gorg! But you're right, it would work better in a bedroom. The Pottery Barn & the Horchow options are a lot more practical =)

Damaris said...

Really very cute and beautiful option. That first one from Overstock is pretty fabulous. The background color is whiter than the picture looks.

Diane said...

Did you make a purchase? I've been hunting for the something too!