Monday Morning Happy

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? This weekend I was reminded how much fun it is to play dress up. My sister was home with her 2 little girls shopping for dresses and lets just say they had so much fun trying on all the "Big Girl" Party dresses. Watching them twirling around giggling in front of the mirror was pure happiness. Sometimes its just nice to take a time out and remember how much fun it was to be a little kid!

During this new week why not take a minute, whether it is while you are sitting in traffic or enjoying your morning coffee and remember a time when you were a giggling little girl or boy. A time when you fully enjoyed yourself without a care in the world! For me it is the memory of playing dress up with my moms costume jewelry and high heels, hours of pure joy!

Enjoy the week

(image from Room Service Home)

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leslie said...

what a fun post! you have me thinking...