Good Morning, Pucker, Peel and Sip!!

Thank you CB2, you have made me smile! I am absolutely in love with these juice glasses (YES Amy, seriously!) they are so adorable. I can just see a designer, about to eat an apple when they notice the numbered sticker on the side. Taking a closer look, the creative juices start to flow hmmm, this would make a great juice glass label! These mini glasses are accented with vintage fruit labels with kitchy slogans like "bananas appealing" "sourpuss apple" and my favorite, "pucker approved"! What a way to start the day!

Even better the price tag, $19 for 6 and they come all boxed up which means this is an easy hostess gifts!

(images from CB2)


Dana Córdova said...

I love CB2 for this kind of stuff--so great! Thanks for the tip.

Creategirl said...

It is the best place and if a juice glass can make me smile early in the morning than that is a winner! Thanks for reading Dana : )

LindsB said...

Those are so cute! CB2 has such great things lately :)