Nesting with Heather Palmer

While flipping through my Mom's Real Simple I came across Heather Palmer and her stunning glass nesting bowls. Immediately I was taken over with the feeling of summer, it could have been the fresh colors or the light and airy feeling of the bowls, regardless I was in love! She has seamlessly combined function and ascetics. Add in the affordable price tag and you have the perfect unique gift fit for any occasion....especially for the homeowner of a new beach house!

"While I call them Nests, these pieces are often described as "oceany" or "like coral". The open lattice work makes these pieces appear to be light as a feather. And, while they are delicate the overall form is sturdy, like actual nests. The process used to make these ensures that no two are ever alike. Each piece is unique with its own twists and bends."
Heather Palmer

Visit Heather's Etsy Store for more info and for the Real Simple promotion of her small steel blue nest which is $49 until the end of February! Nice!
Heather has also started a blog of items that inspire her, it is off to a great start so please pop over and give her a little comment love!

(images from Heather Palmer)


Verdigris Vie said...

These are seriously lovely. I have got to check these out on Etsy..

hope all is well Julieann


::levina:: said...

those are pretty...thanks for sharing.