Chevron It

If you read design blogs than you know all about Chevron, right? It seems to have taken over which is exactly why you have not seen it here on CreateGirl but when I came across this photo today I had to post it. We have seen chevron on accents rugs, walls, window treatments and floors. While liking them all, I have never considered using it in my own home until seeing this application. I adore how it pulls you right into the fireplace with its subtle finish and small scale design. In tiny doses I really like Chevron, especially created with wood, it gives off that classic old world feel! This fireplace below is the perfect bit of chevron, one that I could live with and not feel like I have gotten too tired of over time!

If you are a chevron lover, who am I to deprive? Check out this list of design blogs featuring the pattern! If you have been dreaming of using it for your own home and just want to have a pop take a look at this affordable rug from West Elm.
What are your thoughts on Chevron? Have you used the pattern in your house? Please share!

(image from This Old House, designer Jackie Terrell)


ABC Dragoo said...

I did a post too, but don't see it on that list! ;)

And here is another, I just discovered today!!

It's totally out there - and everyone is talking about it!

Jami said...

I love the chevron! So bold and graphic, any yet subtle! Great photo!

Laurie from Laurie Jones Home said...

I like the chevron too, I'm thinking about using marble as a backsplash in my kitchen in a chevron pattern.

::levina:: said...

i do like chevron...but for me i like the more subtle color palette