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For the end of the day we have the incredibly talented Amy from the blog, ABCD Designs. Not only does she have her finger on the latest design trends she also creates the most fantastic stationery. Visit her Bespoke Stationery site where I promise you will be wishing you had an event to plan. Look below to see what she is loving right now!

I absolutely love items that have no absolute place in history - meaning that it looks as relevant today as it will in 30, 40, or 80 years.

I discovered these chairs at Huzza and immediately fell for them! They are available in a black lacquer with ostrich, yes ostrich! upholstered seats in a natural nubuck color. The striking proportions of this set of chairs is really incredible. Tall, skinny, and curvaceous all at once; they remind me of a Alberto Giacometti sculpture.I love them because you can not place them in history. Are they modern or are they a creative riff on shaker style furniture? Difficult to place = timeless decor!

The decanter which happens to be my very favorite item at Huzza, is a Hoffman Series B Decanter. Josef Hoffmann Series B was first produced in 1912. It features clear mouth blown mat crystal with hand painted enamel. This technique in which a crystal surface is decorated in a brownish-black enamel, is called "Bronzitdekor" and was developed by Hugo Max only a short time previous to the design of Series B. Designs. To think the first time the marketplace saw the Hoffman Series B Decanter was at the turn of the last century and it would fit seamlessly into and be relevant in any modern setting today!

Now that is good, honest, timeless design!

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(images from Huzza & Megan Lee Katauskas/Craftzine)


Anonymous said...

OMG! Just love those chairs from Huzza!!

ABC Dragoo said...


Thank you ever-so-much for asking me to share some of my favorite decor items in this series.

It's lovely of you to ask ~ what a wonderful opportunity.

Thanks again,

Creategirl said...

Amy the email I just received from my mom was "I want those chairs"! I think you have hit on something here : ) Thanks again for being part of the Love Series, its much appreciated!

Unknown said...

Now I'm in love with that Josef Hoffman decanter--this was such a dangerous find for me! Lovely post!


E said...

Ostrich upholstery...brilliant! I love the lines of the chair itself too.