For The Love of Your Home - Sweet Eventide

Our next post in the "For the Love of Your Home" series I would like to introduce you to Jessica from Sweet Eventide. She is an amazing photographer and whenever I need a break usually around "eventide" I pop over to her blog and daydream a bit!

When it comes to Valentine's Day, I'm much more into celebrating with a card made by hand with a lot of love and maybe a little sweet treat than any of the traditional, extravagant ways. But I do love the idea of a little Valentine's Day gift for my home. I just window-shopped my heart out for this post and I considered choosing all of the following beautiful things: typewriter bar towels or amazing wooden boards or a set of organic soaps or a linen storage box (because I am a girl who believes you can never have enough containers) or even some Eames wall decals from Blik. But in the end, I'm going with a light because I also believe you can never have enough mood lighting and this lantern is charming, cordless, warm, affordable, eco-friendly and locally available (for me). Score!

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(image from sfmoma & Megan Lee Katauskas/Craftzine)


Creategirl said...

Oh Jessica, well I have already told you how much I love this light and the more I think about the more I want to get it for my deck this summer, it will be the perfect glow! Thanks for participating today!

Leslie said...

I have never see this lantern before and I agree it is awesome!!! I am off to check out the link -thank you Jess (and Julie).

wall sticker said...

Nice wall sticker, are they removeable?

Wall decal wall sticker said...

thx for sharing it looks cooooool