For The Love of Your Home - The Clueless Crafter

We are almost to the weekend and what better way to get us going than with Lydia from The Clueless Crafter. Well that is what she has named her blog but she is anything but clueless! She is constantly introducing us to new and interesting crafters along with teaching us about art! She is a true New Yorker and I love virtually exploring the city with her!

My home is full of tribal runners and textured upholstery. The stunning, sleek mid-century details of this desk, including the angular cantilevered top, would offer a pop of the rectilinear to a space that tends to hang heavy on traditionalist aesthetics. The end result, the balance between the traditional and the minimal, is sure to create an intriguing and refreshing visual and spatial relationship.

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(image from Christies & Megan Lee Katauskas/Craftzine)


Null said...


What a wonderful series you've started here. Hubby and I are having a blast going through all these!

Have a lovely weekend!

Creategirl said...

Thanks Lydia, you were so sweet to participate and that desk is just AMAZING!! Have a *love* filled weekend!

Diana Strinati Baur said...

Two of my favorite ladies here.... :) Love the desk.