For The Love of Your Home - Sacremento Street

Grab your cup of tea for a mid morning break with the lovely Caitlin from Sacremento Street. You might know her for the fantastic series "10 Things I am Loving Right Now" on her blog. She is full of gorgeous posts with the most beautiful pictures!

Over the past few month's I've been trying to put together an art wall by collecting pictures, painting and drawings that embody my aesthetic. When I came across this portrait on Williams Sonoma Home I was in awe of how Katie Van Home captured the dancer's grace. This artwork would complete my vision for my art wall. I hope you see the beauty in it as much as I do.

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(images from Williams Sonoma Home &
Megan Lee Katauskas/Craftzine)

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Creategirl said...

Caitlin thank you so much for being a part of this series! The picture is just so lovely and I hope it is added to your wall! I know of a few people who would save up for it!! Enjoy the weekend