For The Love of Your Home - High Heeled Foot

Please say Good Morning to Camila of the blog, "High Heeled Foot in the Door". Daily she takes us with her as she redesigns her house and starts out on the road of business owner! Pop on over, I bet you will pick up a tip or 2 for your own design projects!

The Great Gatsby by F.S. Fitzgerald is one of my all time favorite books. Lucky for me even my hubby who rarely picks up a book enjoys it as well. Another love of mine is seeing book covers used as artwork. To marry these two loves I'm itching to gift my living room with this Penguin book cover for The Great Gatsby.

What's the best part of this gift? It's low-cost. The postcards below, which unfortunately are not available until Dec are another easy way to display your favorite book covers!

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India @Apt528 said...

The post cards are to die for. Can't wait for December!

Creategirl said...

I know India, but will we be able to wait that long??! So excited I have a sister who would just love them.

Thanks Camila for being part of the LOVE series!