Let's talk....write on it & painted legs

OK gang, can we have a little chat about this room? I came across it and was immediately WOWed but that is because I have a strange obsession with typography in the house. How do you feel about enormous letters painted on the wall? Would you ever consider this in your house?

We also have the style of painting one leg on a kitchen chair. I have to admit I could live with the letters but the painted leg, not so sure.
Please share your opinion in the comment section, I would love to hear from you!

(image from Desire to Inspire and Beckers)


Chroma Lab said...

It probably goes without saying, but we are pro-painted legs. The room needs those small bits of different color, and it makes the set far more interesting!

Yelena said...

i love the letters on the wall and the bright yellow!!! amazing! as for the chairs with one leg painted...idk.. maybe for a nursery? but i can't see it in a kitchen :)

teebarnes said...

I love the yellow! Makes the room pop! Don't like the lettering. Hate the chair legs!

Gradon Tripp said...

I really like the letters on the wall. They're so big they become less *letters* and become more graphics. Very cool.

The one painted leg is interesting, but I find it neither good nor bad. I kind of feel it's reaching, trying to be just that touch different. Like Elvis Costello glasses on anyone other than Elvis. :)

Just to contradict myself: When I initially saw the first photo, I thought you were going to suggest painting the legs of the table. Painting the outer legs the same yellow as the rest of the room would really accentuate the shape of those legs. Now that would be cool!

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz of Yahgie said...

I love the yellow wall. I am a lover of bold vibrant colors. So, this space is very inspiring to me.
Thanks for sharing.

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz

Creategirl said...

Thanks for the chat, I love hearing all the different opinions. I have to admit I love the oversized letters and am thinking of using it as a faux headboard. Instead of letters I might paint numbers (date) that are meaningful to me. I have to admit I am not a fan of the one painted leg, to me it looks a bit childish maybe if it was different colors I would like it, not sure! Until next time on Lets Talk..

Kristin said...

I dig the painted chair leg. It's a bit of subtle quirk for the right inhabitant. The letters on the wall seem very commerical so I'd opt to keep it out of a residential space. Eye catching however!

Livi said...

i've never thought of doing big letters on the wall but i definitely like it in this picture.

Jessica Nichols said...

Late to this conversation but I also love the letters on the wall. Interesting headboard idea! I think the one painted leg is also too cutesy. Although I could go for just the one yellow leg in that particular room, especially if that one chair wasn't pulled out and profiled as such. Just there in the back like a little surprise for the person who sits there.