Go Red Women!

Today is National Wear Red Day which brings awareness to Women's Heart Disease. It is something that is dear to my heart, quite literally as heart disease runs strongly on my Mom's side. If you have heart disease in your family do what I have done and talk to your doctor on ways to prevent it and know the signs of an oncoming heart attack. When the time comes like when my mom suffered an attack you will know exactly what to do!

Of course the best way to stave off heart disease is to live a healthy lifestyle but come on we know that can be difficult with all of life's stresses so maybe you can remember to....

Live the posters message and keep calm

or indulge in one of your favorite books. "The Art of Doing Nothing" is one of my go to gifts for girlfriends, if you have not read this order it now. It's beautiful!

If all else fails put on a gorgeous red dress and take a look in the mirror, its bound to make you feel beautiful and put a little happy in your heart!

Take care and in your travels today notice all the red around you and remember to stay healthy!

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