The Tessalight

I came across this photo over at Desire to Inspire by the talented photographer Martin Cederblad. Than I recalled the fabulous Tessalight by Christine Price Hamilton. I am not sure if this is the same light but I would love to see it in this room! Imagine the glowing patterns this light would create on the bedroom ceiling?! Check out Christine's website to see the work see creates with just an X-Acto knife, thick paper and wooden beads. Just lovely!

(images from Desire to Inspire, Daily Candy and Christine Price Hamilton)


Bonnie Van Voorst said...

The lamp in the top picture reminds me of David Trubridge's Coral Lamp, seen here on Door Sixteen and here on his website. I don't think it's the same lamp as in the photo, but still... lovely! I love the Tessalights.

Verdigris Vie said...

Yup - they're fabulours..I need to find a way to work one into my decor!