Karmalooping with the Boston Ballet

Where have I been you ask? Let me share as I think you will absolutely love and appreciate this event as much as I did. Here in Boston we have something named Fashionably Late over at the Liberty Hotel. This is an event where they take the lobby of the hotel and turn it into a fun fashion show/party.

The premise was to launch the Boston Ballet's new image which is a bit edgier and younger than previously known. The ballet paired with the clothing of Karmaloop to put on the contradictory show. The sleek ballerinas danced around in the edgy Karmaloop streetwear. Lots of flannel, leather, brightly patterned leggings and an array of the coolest hats. The girls hair was teased to high heaven which completed the look. Their dance moves were ever so soft and swan like while the dj blasted hip hop! I loved ever second of the mix, it was so visual! I left the photography to my incredibly talented friend Fernando since he would be the only one to do this show justice! Take a look below

The only photo not by Fernando, he is in the background, camera in hand ready to take the next shot!

love the earrings and hat on this one. gray is all over fall '09 both interiors and fashion

(images from Fernando Neves, Korn Design & Karmaloop)

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