Jailed in the Liberty

I just posted about the Liberty Hotel in Boston but left out a few details and just have to give you the scoop. Can you believe the hotel was once the Charles Street Jail built back in 1851?! It reopened in 2007 after some of the best designers and architects in the city gave it an amazing face lift. The modern hotel is glamorous but has some rough jail edginess to help you keep in mind the history of the structure. As you can see by the picture above most of the building stayed in its original form. The parts that catches my eye every time I enter are the incredibly 90 foot rotunda, cat walks and over sized windows. I often wonder if the inmates ever appreciated the details, jails were built to fit into the city instead of the big block of cement they are now.

The new facade of the Liberty

the breathtaking lobby, it is unlike any other and my favorite section of the hotel

the bars to the left are from the original jail. This is "Clink" one of the restaurants! Very fun!

the lobby for the meeting rooms

this is a dreamy room, I would sit in that chair admiring the window and the view all day!

Presidential Dining Room - imagine having a few friends in for an intimate dinner?

than have drinks on the roof deck of the suite. Ahhh looking out onto the best city!

if you are one of the guest at the dinner party you can turn in on this bed in one of the guest rooms. Now this looks like a much more comfortable cell than ones from the original jail!

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of the Liberty. It gives you a peek into why I love Boston so much, it is always aware of the past but knows how to live in the present!

(images from the Liberty Hotel and Concierge.com)

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