Monday Morning Happy

Happy Monday, how was your weekend?

Do you ever have a week where time just flies right by you? Well that was last week for me I lost touch with the blog and hope you can forgive me! To be honest I have been spending more time over at Twitter since I can throw out inspiration quickly in 140 characters. Sometimes I come across a link and update it up over there knowing I don't need to pressure myself in creating a perfect post! With that said this is going to be a great week!

I have some fun guest bloggers lined up for you towards the end of the week, most I am sure you will recognize. You see my little sister is getting married this weekend and I want to make sure and be 100% present for her big day! A ton of family will be flying in from all across the country so I will be playing the best hostess I can while a few of them stay with me. I will be more than excited to share pictures of the amazing day when I return. Please keep checking in and give some "blog love" to my great friends, I am sure they will inspire all of you with their creativity!

Enjoy the new week!

(image from Frolic)

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