What is a CreateGirl?

Something very simple but very cool happened to me today and I would love to share. The best place for me to take time out, real time out is at the beach. It is the perfect escape from my blackberry, computer and emails. I even go as far as to only bring magazines that are not related to decor. At times its hard to shut "it" off but if I really focus I achieve that slice of bliss where all you hear is the soft breeze and waves crashing.

As I was sitting on the beach, the sand so smooth beckoned to be written in so of course I thought of CreateGirl (so much for turning it off!). After drawing the perfect set of words I sit back in my chair when 2 young girls, maybe about 6 and 9 stop in front of the words and just stare. I could hear them whispering something and I asked if they knew what it meant. They both looked at me with the sweetest expression, eager to learn. I explained it was 2 words which to me, meant the ability to be whatever you wanted to. To Create the Girl you have imagined, that anything is possible once you believe in yourself. Of course I explain this with lots of hand gestures...arms out wide to make my point. I say if they want to be a doctor, baseball player, actress you can create the life you want!! They were so excited to learn what they perceived to be a secret and went on their way. Soon they were dragging their mom's over to check out what the "cool writing in the sand" meant. It was just the loveliest conversation and my hope is that in some way they will remember what I already know.....anything is possible with hard work, passion and courage. CreateGirl and Jace Interiors are both proof of this!! If only these young girls with the world before them knew how they just reminded me of what I already knew....life is ahead of me and anything is possible!

If you are reading, thanks for a lovely conversation, you made my day that much more blissful!

To all my fabulous readers, what type of CreateGirl are you? Please share!

(image from Jace Interiors)


Anonymous said...

That is so neat!!

Well...I took all of the prerequisites to go to nursing school then realized I would HATE IT!! And I needed a more creative "career" so that I never have to work a day in my life, as they say. :)

It's a little slower starting off, and doesn't pay as well -- yet!! But I'm happy I'm here and I have great new friends in this (blog) world that I wouldn't have otherwise. :) Posts like these make it all worth it!!

xo, Lindsay @ Likely Design

Creategirl said...

Lindsay, thanks so much for sharing! What a moment to realize you needed something more creative in your life. Good Luck and it is so nice to be "blog/twitter friends"!

Joanna said...

What a wonderful post! I'm very inspired.
I started out in a boring office job..I've always been creative and love entertaining so I started Hostess Jo (store) and Let's Entertain (blog)! Don't make much but I LOVE it and that is most important to me. Thanks for the reminder that anything is possible!

Mike said...

I love it!! Great post.

Chroma Lab said...

What a great story! Thank you for sharing it. I bet those girls will remember you and what you told them, since sadly, messages like that about what girls are capable of accomplishing are few and far between.

I started Chroma Lab with Tony after I experienced a long period of illness. After being sick, I understood what everyone means when they say "life is too short." I wanted to spend my time doing work that I genuinely enjoyed, and I also needed to be able to set my own hours and work mostly from home. Thinking up our own business allowed both of us to do that!

Minnie said...

What a beautiful story. I have a little girl, only two years old still, but this is precisely the message that I want to give her through the years so thank you for sharing this. I will think of it again and again, I"m sure. Before becoming a full-time mom, I had a career and job of a lifetime as a daily newspaper columnist. I loved them both. It was definitely hard giving it up when I was pregnant with my first baby, but I couldn't conceive of even trying to do my job and a baby at the same time. Thankfully, I have never regretted my decision and I feel each day with my kids is a blessing and I love being able to spend so much time with them.

On the other hand, I do believe it's important to show by example and so I have not given up writing completely, just found ways to squeeze it in between my parenting duties at home. I do think that feeling fulfilled creatively is important to ourselves and to our family. In the end, both are happier for it. Ooops, sorry to have gone on so long.

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

I'm so glad you shared this story with us. It really is a beautiful reminder for us all. I strongly believe, once you find our passion (it took me a little longer than some) there is no stopping you!

Would love to hear more about how you started Jace Interiors one day :)


Creategirl said...

WOW, I am overwhelmed by all the amazing comments, thanks so much. I had no idea what a conversation this topic would spark this is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing in my happy day with me for sharing you stories. They inspire me as well: ) You are all so sweet!

Arianna Belle said...

Aww so sweet! That puts a smile on my face! :-)

Maria Killam said...

Hey thanks for your comment, I loved that interior you posted it's lovely!