Up Up and away!

This is what I call an attic hideaway! I came across these photos over at This Old House and immediately thought what a great use of space. We all know the blows this crazy economy has handed us and even though some of us might need to expand our homes with our growing family, adding on might not be the answer. I have a few friends who are in this predicament at the moment. Looking up (if possible) to the attic is a great solution. This space was broken up by walls into a few smaller rooms. Eliminating the walls and getting creative with storage spaces has resulted in a comfortable bedroom suite. I love the bookcases which surround the staircase and the built in dressers make the space feel even larger. The soft palette and dark floors add to the airy feeling. Escaping to the attic might just be the best retreat of all!

(images from This Old House)


Verdigris Vie said...

This is seriously brilliant !! I wouldn't change a thing ! the bookshelves are amzazing, The computer desk under the skylight, and spacious ensuite..

Beautiful post today !!

Anonymous said...

I love the storage in the wall of the last picture! -anne

Creategirl said...

so glad you all liked todays post! Imagine having your BR in the attic, it would mean we could all truly get away from it all!