Monday Morning Happy

Morning everyone! How was your weekends? This is a reflective Monday Morning Happy. This was the view on my deck in Boston this Saturday, the entire day was constant rain and wind, in some ways it was quite nice. In this area of the country the weather seemed to reflect the feelings of the last few days.

Last week our beloved Senator Kennedy lost his battle with cancer. For 4 days there was an outpouring of love and thanks. It was amazing, people lined the streets in the middle of the day to watch the casket pass by and stood in the rain to pay their respects as the funeral procession proceeded by. He was a great man that did so much for our state and our country. This is just a few pictures that I enjoyed seeing over the weekend. It amazes me how people give their lives to fight for those less fortunate and wonder if Thank You ever seems like enough?

(images from Time and

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